Steal UPS From Your Competitors Lots

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Announcing a revolutionary new technology that is literally upending automotive marketing as you know it.

Audience Capture Technology™ Steals Your Competitors’ Buyers Right Off Their Lots!

Audience Capture Technology™ steals your competitors’ buyers right off their lots by drawing customizable “virtual fences” around your competition, events and other locations where customers can be targeted.

Our technology then tracks and sends custom ads to those customers while they surf the web across all their devices, on over 700,000 apps, sites and searches, 24/7, for weeks-upon-weeks until they buy.

The fusion of smartphones, satellite GPS technology and access to massive amounts of Big Data make it all possible!

Our clients are literally able to reach out, grab a consumer’s mobile device — even after they have left a geo-fenced site — and push a more compelling offer to “steal” the customer from the competition — 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.

We touch car buyers on nearly every websites, app, and games and deliver dynamic, video and rich-media ads to them.




We target the buyers in your market with our already proven and battle-tested campaigns.

Sample Monthly Report:


Here’s the only “catch.” We offer our program and our conquest sales from competing dealerships on an EXCLUSIVE basis only.


That means once you say “yes” and decide to work with us, you can’t be a target on our platform. That also means that ONLY YOU can target your targets!


This is a land grab in the truest sense!


So, this is your opportunity to nail down your exclusive rights to tie up your market before it’s out of your hands and into the hands of the competition.


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