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IDTV is a leader in multi-platform digital advertising. We specialize in a powerful blend of digital marketing tactics with an emphasis on geo-targeting of in-market buyers.

Our next-generation Audience Capture Technology™ will effectively change how you reach and engage with customers from this point forward.

Steal customers off the other guy’s lot!

Put “Virtual Fences” around the competition and show their car buyers YOUR custom ads.

Put yourself in front of buyers when they enter the market and stay in front of them until they buy from you. Follow car buyers across multiple devices whether it’s their Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop! Capture your perfect audience 24/7 on 750,000 apps and websites where time-stamped data-rich information and the digital activity from over 200 million devices are collected. Serve up car ads to car buyers multiple times per month on  device they look at 5-hours-a-day and 13-times-per-hour.