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Recently Added Listings

  • WorldDealer


    WorldDealer, Inc. has over thirty years of retail automotive marketing experience and provides auto dealers with full-service, turnkey traditional and digital solutions. We blend online and offline marketing strategies to create a seamless communication approach for auto dealers. In this way, we ensure that all your marketing efforts are laser focused to create “one voice” for your dealership across all media.

  • Direct Hit Media

    Direct Hit Media

    Direct Hit Media provides automotive organizations across the U.S. with our exclusive Sales and Service Marketing Program. We package industry best Automotive marketing solutions with hands on training and consulting. We are solely devoted to the automotive industry and provide a broad range of integrated auto dealer marketing services for new and used vehicle sales and service. Our creative solutions, market research and data analysis are unrivaled in the industry.

  • Jaystone Marketing

    Jaystone Marketing

    Jaystone Marketing is a full-service marketing agency focused on the automotive vertical. Define, Design, Deliver and Report is our tagline and how we work. Jaystone is currently looking for exclusive partners in the best markets in the United States.

  • Speed Shift Media

    Speed Shift Media

    Our online display solutions take your existing display campaigns further, and a new premium automotive network which delivers the best of search and display in one performance based environment. Get real performance out of your display advertising which engages targeted automotive intenders in key parts of the funnel. Speed Shift Media does all the heavy lifting - reducing the burden on your stretched resources.

  • Autos On Video

    Autos On Video

    Autos On Video® - OKMyRepair® and CMyAuto® Increase time on SRP and VDP with reduced bounce rate, builds trust, while increasing line items and hours sold in service, and provides quality video lead responses.

  • Auto Loop

    Auto Loop

    CAR-RESEARCH XRM, an AutoLoop company, leads the industry with its advanced and intuitive CRM and BDC solutions for auto dealers.

  • Auto Alert

    Auto Alert

    AutoAlert® is the most advanced lead generation and equity mining solution available on the market today. Identifying untapped revenue and sales opportunities.

  • Bridge Marketing

    Bridge Marketing

    Bridge is a digital marketing company specializing in acquisition email, mobile, desktop and social media. We help dealerships contact in-market auto shoppers around their location on all of their devices.

  • Auto Jockey

    Auto Jockey

    Providing automotive dealerships digital medium tools fully integrating the sales and service processes allowing them to function seamlessly to end users.

  • Automotive Mastermind

    Automotive Mastermind

    automotiveMastermind revolutionizes the way dealerships find, engage and win customers by successfully leveraging Big Data behavioral analytics.

  • Dealeractive


    DealerActive is a premium provider of responsive websites, digital marketing and the proprietary online buying system eCARmerce.

  • Dealer.com


    Dealer.com, a Cox Automotive Company, is the automotive industry’s leading provider of streamlined and intuitive solutions for managing car dealership marketing (SEO, SEM, Display, Facebook Advertising).

  • Dealer Video Showroom

    Dealer Video Showroom

    The Dealer Video Showroom is a virtual test drive platform that educates sales staff, converts more customers, and sells more cars.

  • Dealer


    Dealer e-Process is a full service automotive website and digital marketing provider headquartered in the Western suburbs of Chicago serving dealers across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Holland.

  • Conversic


    Our AI virtual sales assistant engages, qualifies and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations - converting leads into sales.

  • Covideo


    Covideo® powered by EasyCare®, is a leading innovator of video email communications. Covideo is currently spearheading the digital communications revolution for dealerships with customizable video email services.

  • Client ConneXion

    Client ConneXion

    Client ConneXion assists auto dealerships in creating instant ConneXions with online buyers more effectively than the industry standard “internet lead” process.

  • Client Command

    Client Command

    Using the industry’s most powerful online behavior mapping technology combined with proprietary Inteliprofile™ data for dealership marketing, Client Command® identifies and tracks in-market car shoppers to determine exactly which individuals are the absolute best prospects for a dealership’s monthly vehicle sales needs to both conquest and retained customers.

  • City Twist

    City Twist

    Our dynamic 360° marketing approach allows dealers to pinpoint “in-market” consumers within their PMA, using our opt-in digital database, combined with the integration of IHS (R.L. Polk®) Purchase Predictor.

  • Chatterfox


    Chatterfox is a customizable trading and communications platform for local, national and global networks. Auto dealers can buy, sell and trade in real time with no middle man.

  • Catalogs.com


    See More Cars! Sell More Cars! New visual & interactive technology changes how people shop for cars -DYNALOG - Dynamic Catalogs Made Easy™

  • Car Phoria

    Car Phoria

    CARPHORIA Dealer Services is an award winning solutions company, best known for our suite of services designed to help dealers increase sales while eliminating the frustrations and expense that comes with sourcing pre-owned inventory and carrying unwanted trade-in inventory.

  • Car Lister

    Car Lister

    CarLister.co is the first full-featured, responsive car shopping and selling web app for dealers and individuals of the mobile generation.

  • Car Gurus

    Car Gurus

    CarGurus is a leading car shopping website that helps millions of shoppers search local listings and find great deals from great dealers.

  • Carfax


    Carfax created the Vehicle History Report in 1986 and is trusted by 30,000 dealerships to acquire, advertise, retail and service used cars using innovative services like Carfax Used Car Listings and myCarfax.

  • Call Commando

    Call Commando

    Helping Call Centers become more effective and more profitable by increasing calls, appointments, shows and ultimately, sales. We can also help increase traffic and leads through our own Digital Marketing.

  • Cactus Sky Digital

    Cactus Sky Digital

    Cactus Sky is a full-service digital marketing agency providing email marketing, online reputation management, website development, social media, public relations, and automotive solutions.

  • C-4 Analytics

    C-4 Analytics

    C-4 Analytics brings accountability to automotive online marketing by using analytics to identify and implement custom campaigns for our clients.

  • Buscador


    Buscador de Auto connects Dealers with Spanish Speaking Buyers.

  • Blok


    BLOK provides all the talent necessary to get your inventory moving out the door. Our services include Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords Management, Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and Reputation Management.

  • Auto Wall

    Auto Wall

    Gratis Technologies is the producer of autoWALL/Service Pay Online and Digital Solutions 4 Service Drive. This outstanding tool builds a community of dealership customers and employees through which they can easily and seamlessly communicate.

  • Auto Trader

    Auto Trader

    AutoTrader knows how to reach today's customer. Our solutions give dealers exposure to reach one of the the largest audiences of in-market shoppers.

  • Auto Sweet

    Auto Sweet

    AutoSweet provides marketing tools at a Killer ROI. Conquest Email Marketing, Automated Craigslist Publishing, Reputation Improvement and Automated Inventory Pricing. Measure, Improve and sell more.

  • Always Be in Contact

    Always Be in Contact

    Keep it simple. Easily create, manage, and receive automatic reminders for all of your sales opportunities. Always Be in Contact is a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) app designed to help sales people be more productive and never forget to follow up on a sales opportunity.

  • Advanta Star

    Advanta Star

    Stop the Shopper! You sell the best products ever. Promote your brand's features, benefits and advantages online with Advanta-STAR and prove it!

  • Adesa


    (BOOTH 219) ADESA provides customers a whole car auction solution. We serve two main client types: institutional customers and dealers

  • 700 Credit

    700 Credit

    700Credit is the leading source of credit reporting and compliance solutions designed for the automotive industry. Simple yet powerful, 700Credit.com offers quick and easy access to the information you need about your customers, your client base, and your dealership personnel and their performance.

  • 360 Booth

    360 Booth

    Worlds first patented vehicle photo studio. 360Booth we make the car the star.

  • 3 Birds Marketing

    3 Birds Marketing

    3 Birds is a customer demand and retention marketing company servicing the automotive retail space.

  • Dot Cars

    Dot Cars

    .CARS, .CAR, & .AUTO are three new domain endings developed specifically for the automotive industry. From Dealers to OEMs, there are now new, memorable domain options for branding and marketing.

  • Giovatto


    At Giovatto, increasing your automotive business is our business. A national leader in automotive advertising, we put our 27 years of automotive experience into every campaign, every media buy, and every ad to ensure that your unique message is heard loud and clear. At Giovatto, we can give your dealership a competitive edge by providing a client centric approach that will drive traffic to your showroom and make your business stand out from the crowd. Our full advertising arsenal is completely in-house and capable of creating lifelong sales relationships between you and your customers. We will give your dealership more than just the attention you deserve…we’ll give you the results that you need.

  • Ad Pulse Media

    Ad Pulse Media

    We provide professional ad agency services for businesses of any size or budget. Audience Targeting Targeting technology finds your exact target audience. Ad Design We design custom-made display ads for you, for free. Automotive Ad Network Your ads are placed across a network of popular websites.

  • Chumney & Associates

    Chumney & Associates

    The Chumney team of automotive marketing pros take care of the often overwhelming complexities and constant demands of day-to-day campaign maintenance required by today’s successful digitally-conscious dealerships.

  • Collings Media

    Collings Media

    Strategy is where creativity, practicality, & experience collide. At Colling Media, our diversified team brings perspectives from our wealth of experience to get you amazing results. Media Buying at it’s finest is striking that perfect balance between reach, frequency, & value. Colling Media threads that needle on a daily basis to take our client’s results to new heights. Digital Advertising is a maze of thousands of vendors, acronyms, & competing ideologies. At Colling Media, we optimize the optimizers to produce incredible results.

  • Herman Advertising

    Herman Advertising

    Herman Advertising is a full-service Automotive Advertising Agency serving Retail Automotive Dealers Nationwide. We specialize in Digital Marketing, Cross Platform Creative and Traditional Advertising.

  • Automotive Advertising Group

    Automotive Advertising Group

    We are an automotive advertising creative agency specializing in home page banners or home page slides showcasing your brands offers, custom vehicle model landing pages with special offers and vehicle inventory background underlays creating a uniform look to your inventory photos. Please read more about our automotive advertising solutions below and contact our sale team for more information.

  • Auto Success Magazine

    Auto Success Magazine

    AutoSuccess addresses the specific needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses. This approach has positioned AutoSuccess at the forefront of the industry, allowing us to gain and sustain industry leadership, where our readers, writers and advertisers share in the success.

  • eProfit Marketing

    eProfit Marketing

    We have developed a conquest focused email campaign that is a turnkey solution for the automotive industry. It starts with prospecting that is traceable to specific website activity for your store. During the campaign period, eProfit Marketing is typically your number one provider of your website activity. We can then track activity to specific new and used vehicle sales, as well as service traffic. eProfit Marketing is now an Innovative leader as a one stop shop for all of your automotive email marketing needs.

  • Cameron Advertising

    Cameron Advertising

    Since 1977, Cameron has offered its clients the best of both worlds: the savvy and skill sets of a large agency with the service and speed to market of a boutique. For all types of companies from Fortune 100’s to small businesses, our fully staffed in-house departments develop strategic branding and marketing campaigns encompassing all media and methods – from in print to online to on air, and far beyond.

  • BWP Communications

    BWP Communications

    BWP is a relationship-driven ad agency located in Salt Lake City, Utah with top-tier creative supported by ethnographic, user-experience research. Both a traditional and digital marketing firm, we've been in operation for 18 years serving a base of local and national brands and organizations. BWP is small enough to be flexible and agile yet large enough to deliver and execute the most comprehensive advertising campaigns and marketing strategies supported by user-focused website design and development.

  • National Auto Data

    National Auto Data

    THE RIGHT MAILING LIST Get the right data for your next campaign. Access to targeted Auto Lists, Trigger Leads, New Movers, Occupant Lists. DATA HYGIENE Verify and update your information. People move, they sell their cars, lets face it information changes. Make your data work for you with Data Hygiene and Verification services. GET MORE ENHANCEMENT Are you wanting to get more from your data? Why shouldn’t you? With Enhancement services from National Auto Data we can help fill in the missing pieces.

  • xcel


    At Xcel Media Group, we combine traditional direct mail marketing with today’s technology to generate quality leads for automotive dealerships across the country. Xcel works exclusively within the automotive industry. This allows us to focus all of our time and energy on developing and executing campaigns that get results for dealerships.

  • RSC Marketing & Advertising

    RSC Marketing & Advertising

    RSC Marketing is a full service marketing, advertising, promotion, media and creative agency for car dealers, auto malls, and tier two associations throughout California. We embrace marketing that is more than just “different”. We uncover exceptional aspects of your business that are enticing to current and prospective customers. Then we give life to advertising that will arouse, persuade and draw them in.

  • Strawberry Frog

    Strawberry Frog

    A New York ad agency that was always determined to be a different kind of agency, with a different view of the world, and a bolder vision of how to seize opportunities, turn brands around, and propel business forward.

  • Dominion Dealer Solutions

    Dominion Dealer Solutions

    Dominion Dealer Solutions is redefining retail with end-to-end technology solutions built by visionaries who see beyond the challenges of today, to deliver flexible, customizable solutions that grow with your dealership and generate results the competition can’t match. Our Progressive Retail Solutions™ keep you in control and always connected to your employees, your processes and your customers.

  • iCrossing


    Connectedness is a philosophy. It's a way of building a connected brand that focuses on people rather than targets, engages in a conversation instead of shouting and develops a trust with consumers that is both meaningful and long-lasting.

  • GCG Marketing

    GCG Marketing

    One of the ways we do this is by keeping the focus where it belongs: on the client. Every situation is unique, so we take the time to get to know you, your business and your industry before we do anything else. After all, we can't solve your marketing challenges if we don't truly understand your needs. The insights we gain through this research ensure that everything we produce - whether it's a marketing plan, advertisement, website or whatever else - is meaningful and effective. So feel free to look around, then let us know how we can be of service.

  • Team Velocity

    Team Velocity

    Team Velocity Marketing provides automotive companies across the U.S. with our 360 Sales and Service Marketing Program. We are exclusively devoted to the automotive industry and provide a broad range of integrated marketing services for new and used vehicle sales and service. In addition to our creative solutions, our market research and data analysis is unrivaled in the industry. Over the last 20 years, our team has founded some of the most successful marketing and training companies in the industry. We have worked with 75% of the top 100 dealers and 18 manufacturers in the U.S. and globally. Contact us now to put our experience to work for your dealership.

  • Agency 212

    Agency 212

    Agency212 has developed a three-step planning protocol called "Inside/Outside Planning." The protocol serves to distill the many thoughts, opinions and goals of client, agency ("inside") and potential customers ("outside") into a single-brand promise that is distinctive, ownable and actionable. This process will also help us to identify a strategy that will allow us to create a category of sorts as opposed to competing with the big guys (read: Big Bucks). Inside/Outside Planning is a thorough, introspective and fun process that has a track record of helping to uncover new ideas and insights that have the potential to increase sales.

  • Pinckney Automotive

    Pinckney Automotive

    Accountability is the focus of everything we do at Pinckney Automotive. Through the analysis of our clients’ websites and CRM’s, in conjunction with the management of all marketing efforts, we’re able to develop the most complete picture of what is happening with our clients’ businesses at any given moment. Plus, since we are consistently monitoring traffic and trends, Pinckney Automotive is able to react quickly to any issues that may arise, saving clients not only time and money, but headache as well.

  • Only Action

    Only Action

    Looking for a marketing partner that can help make you more successful, profitable, trusted and preferred? You¹ve come to the right place. While every agency claims they¹re different, ACT!ON truly is. Our exclusive results-based compensation means we¹re as invested in your success as much as you are. While other agencies are paid commissions based upon how much media you buy, or worse, a retainer where their pay is guaranteed regardless of performance, ACT!ON is paid only when you sell cars. Yep, that's right: just like you're paid.

  • Autojini


    Optimize and rank your car dealership website with Autojini Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing expertise. Get full car dealer seo service Now.

  • DealerPro Training

    DealerPro Training

    DealerPro’s exclusive Performance Driven Training builds your people into the nation’s top customer retention specialists. With DealerPro training, you get MAXIMUM RESULTS from all your people. We help you transform your Service Advisors into skilled Service Sales People, with enhanced phone skills, the ability to sell more appointments, perform walk-around inspections and use a menu to increase your service sales penetration. That’s how achieving 100% service absorption becomes an attainable goal.

  • Ziegler Supersystems

    Ziegler Supersystems

    For 37 years, Jim Ziegler has been a recognized industry leader, writer, magazine columnist, professional speaker and super performer... as a record setting manager with some of the top automobile dealerships in the country.

  • Strutmasters


    Strutmasters was founded by Chip Lofton in 1999. Since then, dozens of dealerships, parts and service chains nationwide, and tens of thousands of individual drivers like you have installed our kits. Well known companies that have purchased and used our product are: Midas, Meineke, Monroe, Ford, Walker Auto Stores, Kirks Management Co., and we have even done a conversion kit for the C.I.A.!

  • Naked Lime

    Naked Lime

    Naked Lime provides the personnel, the industry experience, and the vision to enable dealerships to delight car buyers at every step in the shopping process. Every interaction between a consumer and a dealership is a chance to proudly represent the dealership brand – pride we feel as well, as a partner to our dealers. We are in the business of exceeding expectations for our customers, and for our customers’ customers. The consultative approach Naked Lime uses to create more cohesive, effective, personalized marketing for each dealership is different than anything else in our industry. It’s a complex strategy with a simple mission – instead of turning up the volume to shout over your competition, we make your marketing matter to your customers.

  • Detail Plus

    Detail Plus

    The evolution of the detail business began in the late 70’s when the price of motor vehicles began to increase, financing terms lengthen, and ownership went from 3.2 years in 1978 to over 8 years today. Before then, detailing was a service done by or for the auto dealers. Today it has evolved into a legitimate retail business that is known as car detailing, auto detailing, and auto reconditioning. People are concerned with protecting their leisure time and are willing to have others perform needed car appearance services for them.

  • Ask Patty

    Ask Patty

    With international headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, AskPatty.com, Inc. takes a two-pronged approach to revolutionizing the women's automotive retail market: For consumers, the AskPatty.com website, is a safe and reliable source for expert automotive advice and research. For auto dealers, tire dealers, collision centers, auto service and repair centers, the revolutionary AskPatty.com Certified Female Friendly® program, designed from the ground up, trains and certifies automotive retail and service centers on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women customers. - See more at: http://askpatty.com/page/about_ask_patty/#sthash.Hd8X0eXB.dpuf

  • AUTO Triggers PLUS

    AUTO Triggers PLUS

    Maximize your marketing dollars by targeting consumers that are actively pursuing an auto loan and have the intention of buying with Auto Triggers Plus!

  • iPreCheck


    Our in-store Kiosk systems help generate sales and service business. Provide fun customer experience while creating loyal service customers. Capture each customer name and address, real time FICO score a prescreened auto loan report and more!

  • Viosys


    For over 25 years Voisys has provided the automobile industry with the very best solutions for Loan-By-Phone and Internet Leads. Our automotive leads are from buyers who are looking for financing on new or used vehicles, today! With VOISYS auto leads you can customize the number of leads you receive based on day of the week, time of day, or total per month. Your schedule can be changed at any time at no charge. Your leads will come from your choice of zip codes or radius, customer’s minimum income and age. Voisys Loan-By-Phone cloud based, fully customizable service was specifically designed to conduct credit interviews over the telephone. This allows sales and finance departments to pre-screen applicants and increase advertising effectiveness by taking applications 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Loan-By-Phone IVR service allows you to accept and process credit applications over the telephone and have them immediately delivered to you via email or SMS.



    ELEAD1ONE For over 30 years, ELEAD1ONE has defined itself as the trusted source for more industry leaders, top dealers, dealer groups and OEMs. Our web-based platform strategically manages customer database, marketing, sales process and customer retention. A single login gives access to the nation’s #1 automotive-only Virtual BDC, CRM and complete retail management solution. Through the continuous investment in people, processes, technology and client service, ELEAD1ONE provides the industry’s best solution to sell more cars and maximize customer lifetime profitability.

  • Showroom Logic

    Showroom Logic

    With deep penetration in the automotive and tech industries, their proprietary AdLogic platform was built from the ground up and allows automobile dealers to take a hands-off approach to their Internet marketing while maximizing ROI through paid search, display, retargeting, and pre-roll advertising. Founded in 2009, Showroom Logic has grown to over 100 employees and has the privilege of working with some of the top OEMs in the nation, as well as six of the top 10 Mega-Dealers. They are both a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner and Bing Authorized Reseller, and their digital marketing efforts reach over a thousand dealerships nationwide. In August 2014, Showroom Logic was named #26 overall on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing privately held company in the nation, and placed #1 for Advertising & Marketing and Automotive with three-year sales growth of over 8,000%.

  • Traver Connect

    Traver Connect

    Traver Connect™ drives daily appointment business to the two most important areas of your dealership: your showroom floor and service drive! After 20+ years of creating and innovating the Business Development Center, John Traver now brings Traver Connect™ to market as the next generation solution for creating daily appointment business. In the service drive, we average $41 of upsold revenue per RO as we answer your appointment calls and free up your service advisors. We are an approved partner of Xtime and Shop Watch allowing us to interact with vehicle history on every call. On the showroom floor our solutions are turn-key. We are integrated to your DMS and CRM. We make the calls, set the appointments and provide you with quality showroom traffic every day. There is no training or software needed, just allow our state-of-the-art, Automotive BDC located in Dallas, Texas do the work! All of our solutions are legitimate profit centers for your dealership and can take you to the next level!

  • The Next Up

    The Next Up

    The Next Up is one of the fastest growing solutions in the auto business. Our team of professionals are deeply rooted in the industry, and our understanding or real life dealership conditions and experiences has allowed us to create a highly specialized product and process that has been embraced by top stores nationwide. With millions of transactional records, The Next Up is the industry authority on that is taking place on dealer showrooms today. Our technology will bring you vital insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team. We know that taking advantage of every single opportunity, and ensuring those opportunities are handled correctly, including the ability to follow up, is crucial. Simply put, we will make you more profitable. The Next Up identifies every customer, as we know you can’t afford leakage and loss. By partnering with The Next Up team, you will achieve the competitive advantage to take your dealership to a championship level.

  • Tewart Enterprises

    Tewart Enterprises

    Tewart Enterprises Inc assists auto dealerships in achieving record levels of sales and profits through training, coaching, consulting and various products/services. Tewart Enterprises provides seminars and customized in house training for sales, management, F&I and service departments. Tewart Enterprises Inc also provides complete dealership operations consulting that centers around the 4P's – People, Process, Product and Positioning. Also, Tewart Enterprises Inc is the only Total Dealership Solution Company in the automotive industry with a complete array of desired success tools for a dealership that includes F&I products and Reinsurance, CRM, Customer Communication and Tracking Software, Video Optimization and Marketing Tools, PPC Marketing, Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs and much more.

  • Take 5 Solutions

    Take 5 Solutions

    Since 2003, Take 5 Solutions has been a leading national compiler of consumer hand-raiser contact information and, we are able to serve the automobile world with the most up-to-date list and marketing solutions. Each month, hundreds of auto dealers across the country use Take 5 Solutions’ Conquest, GEO-Targeted Email Marketing Program to drive new customers through their showroom doors. From our self-reported, Auto-Intender opt-in database of over 17.2 million hand-raisers, Take 5’s identifies targeted local consumers who have indicated their propensity to purchase a specific make and model vehicle within a specified radius of each dealership. This program has generated an impressive amount of high-quality web traffic tracked and verified by R.A. Polk’s third-party analytics and Sales Match-Back Reports. Take 5’s ability to accurately target “in-market” consumers comes with an added bonus: a lower overall cost to acquire new-car customers, compared to traditional offline channels.

  • Royal Administration

    Royal Administration

    Royal Administration.... Over 100 Years of Dependability and Customer Satisfaction Backed by more than 100 years of dependability and customer satisfaction in the insurance industry, we offer fully insured, value-based protection plans to meet every consumers needs. Royal plans are trusted in more than 70,000 dealerships and service centers across the United States because we deliver as promised.

  • RichDealers


    Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller are the nation's leading experts on attracting customers, the authors of the best selling book Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers and the preeminent marketing consultants to the automotive industry. Their ideas have been directly responsible for selling over 2 million cars and their mission is to help dealers realize that business and life can be ESP - Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous...even in the car business.

  • Rapid Recon

    Rapid Recon

    Rapid Recon is an on-line reconditioning workflow solution that builds on existing processes, establishes start to finish transparency, eliminates unnecessary tasks and delivers additional inventory turns.

  • Malone Media Group

    Malone Media Group

    At Malone Media Group we savor every opportunity to push the creative envelope for our clients. Below you will find a small collection of our work that represents our capabilities and dedication to our collective crafts.

  • ProMax Unlimited

    ProMax Unlimited

    Since 1994 we have been one of the industry’s leading providers of software. In additional to our innovative ProMax Unlimited software we give you the stability and service you need and count on. After 14 years in automotive retail I designed ProMax from the Sales Manager’s point of view, not the Office Managers. I wanted a tool that would help me make more money, not just count it, and so should you! We have been in business for 18 years because we provide a great product, great training and great support. We are dedicated to helping you maximize your sales and profit opportunities with our software, direct mail, lead generation and other products. After 30 years of experience in the industry, I am not just a vendor; I am your colleague and look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Masters School

    Masters School

    Masters, located in Galesburg, Illinois, is the only permanent facility of its type in the U.S. dedicated to collision repair management education. Take your business to the next level. Classes taught by working professionals, collision repair shop owners and managers will help you overcome and utilize obstacles your competition assumes are insurmountable.

  • Active Edge

    Active Edge

    ActivEngage is the most trusted brand in automotive live chat. Our proprietary chat software, real-time business intelligence and fully-managed chat solution inspire conversations that create powerful first impressions and lasting relationships between the website shopper and the dealership. Each solution was created to meet the specific needs of our dealership customers. ActivEngage is #121 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing American companies, ranked #20 on the Tech 200 national list, and received the first ever Inc. Hire Power Award for the creation of American jobs.

  • Auto Soft

    Auto Soft

    Autosoft is a proven, innovative managed services provider with a single-industry focus on automotive retailing. We stand behind our products with a guarantee and promise dealers the best value in a comprehensive dealership management solution with full-service support, and no long-term contracts. We enable dealers to drive more efficient operations through a secure, open integration commitment. As a team, we serve our customers with experience and passion and our communities with pride.

  • Dealer World

    Dealer World

    Dealer World is a full service advertising agency serving the unique needs of Dealerships throughout North America. We use innovative approaches and provocative creative services that drive qualified traffic to your store using: Interactive Direct Mail, Television, Radio, Outdoor Campaigns, Mobile Marketing, Video Email Marketing, Fixed Operations and Retention Marketing. We are a commission free, contract free, value priced agency that uses a scientific approach to buying media. Call us today for a no obligation consultation and learn how we can impact every department in your store.

  • DealerSynergy


    Dealer Synergy is an Award Winning Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing firm that has built the most profitable Internet Sales and Business Development departments for Automotive dealerships across the United States. Clients will have access to live support from our expertly trained Management Team, our Technology Team, to assist with all website, graphics, video production and social networking needs, and our team of analysts which excel in human resources, mystery shopping and phone training. Dealer Synergy is a family owned and operated training and consulting firm for the automotive industry over 9 years. With humble beginnings in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we opened our doors in 2004 and, shortly after, expanded to a 3,000 square foot warehouse loft in the heart of Philadelphia. Just this past year, we decided to come back to our roots in South Jersey, moving into the quaint town of Audubon, New Jersey.

  • DealerRE


    DealerRE has risen to be the renowned expert in creating & managing reinsurance companies for dealers. They are the industry’s only agency with a comprehensive mastery of reinsurance as well as F&I development for any dealership-- small to large, BHPH to traditional, single to multi-location franchises. Right now, dealers do the work to sell a car, but send a LOT of profit and control to warranty & insurance companies. The fine-tuned, 30-year-old reinsurance model allows the dealer to own & control their own insurance company that accepts premiums generated from Vehicle Service Contracts, Warranties, Debt Cancellation Coverage, GAP and other aftermarket products. By applying proven techniques, profits and control can now be redirected to the dealer instead of 3rd parties. In the process, customer satisfaction is multiplied...all without any more overhead or paperwork for the dealer! Over many years of perfecting a wealth of features & safeguards, they make reinsurance simple, safe, & successful, if not essential, for nearly any modern dealership.

  • DealerFire


    Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Oshkosh, WI, DealerFire is the leader in custom Web site design and creative Internet marketing services for the automotive industry. DealerFire offers SEO award-winning automotive dealer Web sites, marketing programs, a mobile marketing platform and tools to demonstrate results. With the best support team in the business, see why dealers are making the switch.

  • DealerRater


    DealerRater is the world's #1 online resource for anyone seeking trusted third-party information on automobile dealerships. With our unparalleled volume of dealer reviews now surpassing 1,500,000, more than 5,100 dealers across North America have embraced DealerRater and its award-winning Certified Dealer Programs as a critical component of their online reputation and content marketing strategies. A DealerRater-Dataium study recently found that auto shoppers on DealerRater are 90% more likely to visit a dealership website when the dealer has a positive overall rating of 3.5 stars or higher.

  • DealerApp


    DealerApp is a Progressive, feature rich Mobile App that your customers will use to stay connected. DealerApp Vantage is the nation’s leading Native Mobile App development company that specializes in all dealer types. Our solutions work for all dealers no matter the size. We have proven methods that keep you connected to your customers and prospects. Our mission is to increase loyalty and revenue by using mobile technology.

  • Car-mercial


    Car-mercial is a pioneer of VSEO, producing positive videos for dealerships that appear at the top of all major search engines for popular search phrases. Car-mercials proprietary digital marketing platform automates thousands of activities to ensure that dealers continually dominate the most popular search terms. Car-mercials proprietary platform monitors, tests and adjusts campaigns, keywords, titles and descriptions in order to capture and maintain high rankings on each search engine.

  • CallRevu


    The CallRevu Profit Saver System is used by many of the most successful dealerships in the country, providing dealers with everything from trackable 800 numbers to record and capture in-bound calls to a National Call Center that monitors a dealers phone system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the largest Profit Leaks in a dealership is the phone where countless sales are lost, customers are mishandled, and CSI issues go unresolved. CallRevu is an integrated solution to correct this.

  • Auto Spin USA

    Auto Spin USA

    10 years in successful operation. Patented Technology! AutoSpin is the worlds tallest spinning platform. Pull in UPS like never before! Sets up in minutes! Completely mobile!

  • Wilkin Marketing

    Wilkin Marketing

    We bring together consumers and vendors in order to increase vendor ROI. We accomplish this through live-time, specialized software, promotional kiosks and merchandise; and we offer the most intriguing and effective direct mail in the business. Along with our exclusive CodeKase products, our mail carries a 39% better response rate compared to our competitors. Whether you're looking for a new partner, or if you just need software or mail pieces for an event … we have what you need.

  • Dealerslink


    Members use The Marketplace daily to stock their lots with clean reconditioned units, locate hard to find vehicles for their customers, sell inventory without incurring wholesale losses, arrange book for book trades, and manage their inventory with industry leading analytic tools.

  • BHPH Report

    BHPH Report

    A Publication of NABD and SubPrime Auto Finance News

  • CDK Digital Marketing

    CDK Digital Marketing

    We connect the dots from car-buyers' screens to dealership lots with the world's most comprehensive and successful automotive digital marketing solution. CDK Digital Marketing is uniquely capable of delivering seamless consumer experiences that delight shoppers and maximize dealer revenue and profits.

  • Jerry DeFalco Advertising

    Jerry DeFalco Advertising

    The first car I ever sold was a beautiful, red Corvette. It was one of the greatest feelings I had ever experienced so I made sure to repeat it. Growing up on my Dad’s used Car Lot, I learned a lot about life, people and of course, the car business. I continued to sell cars throughout College but figured it would end once I graduated. Well I never did personally sell a car again, but I sure have helped my dealers sell a bunch since 1992. Now that we have branched out, I am enjoying the same success in each new industry. Regardless of the product, the basic principles of marketing are the same. Research who your customer is, find out where to reach them, and put ads in front of them that make a lasting, positive impression.

  • Graham Oleson

    Graham Oleson

    When Graham Oleson started making automotive communications, America was just beginning to make peace with dollar-a-gallon gas. While many agencies – and entire car brands for that matter – have come and gone in that period, we’ve continued on as a leading voice in automotive advertising and beyond. This has been possible thanks to constant evolution and dedication on consumer insights, expertise across all media, a combination of production quality and efficiency, and constant tracking and optimization.

  • KEA Advertising

    KEA Advertising

    Keeping our car dealer clients busy and growing is one of the things we do best. Our entire staff has in-depth working knowledge of how to create ads and comprehensive multimedia campaigns that make our clients' cash registers ring. Whatever your current volume is, we can probably boost it - by as much as 25-125% - in as little as six months. Our focus is truly on results, as epitomized by the KEA Promise: Sales overnight, branding over time!

  • The RAM Group

    The RAM Group

    Automotive Advertising is without a doubt The RAM Group's forte. Our team of former dealership professionals take their knowledge and experience straight from the showroom floor into the creative atmosphere at The RAM Group. By using a Forensic approach The RAM Group creates a bulletproof combination of internet, television, radio, and direct mail strategies. We are able to boost sales by 25% to 125% in the first six months of our professional relationship! The RAM Group is a results driven agency, as evidenced in our performance based retainers. We focus on driving traffic into your dealership and converting those leads into sales. Dealerships are in constant cutthroat competition with each other, and we take your success seriously. By using every dollar of your automotive advertising budget effectively, we are able to create automotive advertising campaigns that reflect in your bottom line.

  • Search Optics

    Search Optics

    Our strong partnerships with global automotive manufacturers are designed to create a wealth of marketing tools for every dealership in the franchise. Working with the factory, we provide Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Display Advertising, Social Media platforms and more. Our advanced attribution metrics provide all concerned with information that insures we move the sales needle in the right direction.

  • Arrowhead Advertising

    Arrowhead Advertising

    Kyle Eng founded Arrowhead Advertising Agency in October of 2003 and has led its growth to become one of the largest full-service advertising agencies in the Southwest. Over the past decade, Arrowhead Advertising has grown from just one employee to more than 80 full-time teammates, including an in-house production and creative team, the agency’s own media department and a fully staffed digital and interactive group. Arrowhead has reached its market-leading status through years of tenacious focus on organic growth, revered-talent acquisition, and acquiring smart corporate accounts. We stay late, we work weekends, and we go the extra mile for our clients. Our track record speaks for itself. Together, we can challenge the status quo and set new standards of excellence.

  • DeAngelis creates work that inspires consumers in the automotive, retail and hospitality world to take action and shop your location or product now… and for years to come. We grasp each new client and project as if it’s our only defining moment – our one shot. We take extreme pride in our advertising awards and accomplishments on a National level, but we still push hard to perfect our work on a daily basis, to provide cutting edge “real world results.” We don’t cross our fingers like most agencies and wish for success when you hire us, we produce success. Our polished expertise will place your message to the Right people… the Right way… at the Right times.

  • Pinckney Automotive is one of the largest full-service automotive marketing and advertising agencies in the Charlotte area. Independent and employee owned, Pinckney Automotive was founded in 2011. Since then, we have seen explosive growth as an award-winning firm with $7 million in capital billings in 2013. Our dedication is to the client. We create long lasting relationships with the brands we serve by developing partnerships focused on concise, dynamic marketing deliverables. Our clients value our expertise. With over ten years of experience in automotive marketing, we know how to develop winning advertising solutions for car dealerships and automotive companies.

  • Action


    Looking for a marketing partner that can help make you more successful, profitable, trusted and preferred? You¹ve come to the right place. While every agency claims they¹re different, ACT!ON truly is. Our exclusive results-based compensation means we¹re as invested in your success as much as you are. While other agencies are paid commissions based upon how much media you buy, or worse, a retainer where their pay is guaranteed regardless of performance, ACT!ON is paid only when you sell cars. Yep, that's right: just like you're paid.

  • Jazel Automotive Solutions

    Jazel Automotive Solutions

    Jazel was founded by automotive professionals who saw a need for a powerful, more flexible auto website solution. Independently minded car dealers choose Jazel for our measurable business results, ease of use and marketing-driven technology. more...

  • Market Masters Media Group

    Market Masters Media Group

    Market Masters Media Group, Inc. is the newest yet most experienced retail automotive agency in the Northeast. We have been in business since May, 2011 But don't let our short tenure fool you. We got out of the gate quickly and hit the ground running. What makes us unique is that we are a start-up built around a team that has many years experience working together at another agency - winning accounts, building businesses, and constantly mastering the changing trends in our industry. When we formed as a group, the most commonly used phrase in our first brainstorming session was, "What I would have done..." And so we did that. All of it. The result is an agency that is responsive, accountable, strategic, and dedicated to the idea of total integration of every client's marketing/advertising efforts.

  • autobytel


    Autobytel offers automotive dealers tools to manage their business. Specific products include: the Rapid Response program, designed to connect dealers to online customers via phone, as well as the Email Manager program, which manages long-term email campaigns on behalf of the dealership. Additionally, LeadCall, a live call program that sets in-dealership appointments and scores customer readiness to buy for auto dealers.

  • The Cardone Group

    The Cardone Group

    The Cardone Group was founded in 1994 by Scott Morgan and Grant Cardone. We currently serve hundreds of retail automotive dealerships and automobile manufacturers with sales and marketing strategies designed to maximize traffic opportunities, market share and increase dealership profits. Based on the truth that today’s business environment requires a customer-focused, aggressive sales and marketing approach, The Cardone Group has developed and perfected advertising, technology and training strategies based on the proven successful tenets of Information Based Selling.

  • Driving Sales

    Driving Sales

    DrivingSales.com is the largest automotive marketing car dealer social network providing best practices, industry resources and dealership vendor reviews.

  • The Banks Report

    The Banks Report

    Designed for top automotive executives, dealers, industry analysts and investors who want to cut through the noise and get an accurate picture of what’s going on in the Automotive Retail space, the Banks Report is an online source that provides subscribers with daily insight into the top news stories of the day.

  • SubPrime Auto Finance News

    SubPrime Auto Finance News

    Launched in 2006, SubPrime Auto Finance News is published seven times a year and reaches 25,000+ top independent, franchise and BHPH dealers across the country. It is also mailed to subprime lenders, independent finance companies, banks, auctions and company executives.

  • Auto Remarketing

    Auto Remarketing

    Auto Remarketing NewsMagazine is THE leading publication for the used-car and remarketing industry. Auto Remarketing carries a circulation of more than 48,000 throughout the United States and Canada. It is published twice a month and is widely read by all franchised and top independent dealers, remarketers, auctions, OEM executives, captive finance companies, internet managers and more.

  • Automotive News

    Automotive News

    Automotive News is the leader in covering the North American industry, covering international auto shows, monthly U.S. sales, quarterly and annual earnings, ...

  • Wards Auto

    Wards Auto

    WardsAuto.com covers the latest news, data and analysis for today's auto industry provided by the trusted and experienced editors of Ward's ...

  • Dealer Innovation

    Dealer Innovation

    The DrivingSales Vendor Ratings site is the first formal mechanism for dealers to rate and review their vendors in a comprehensive, real-time vendor directory. It empowers dealers by allowing them to learn about all the solutions available and to view actual customer feedback, both good and bad, about how each solution actually performs.

  • Automotive Digest

    Automotive Digest

    Summaries of the days news on the automotive industry, with a weekly newsletter.

  • F&I Management & Technology Magazine's mission is to be the leading business media resource for dealer F&I opportunities, training, and technological ...

  • Dealer Marketing Magazine

    Dealer Marketing Magazine

    Dealer Marketing Magazine began in 2002 as a way for The Dealer Marketing Center to reach auto dealers across the country with the Center’s products. Dealer Marketing Center offered syndicated automotive television commercials that dealers could use in their own markets. When Dealer Marketing Magazine began in January of 2002, it was based on the idea that auto dealers could benefit from a trade magazine that offered the experience and advice of expert marketers across the country. Since that time, Dealer Marketing Magazine has become the leader in automotive marketing information. Dealers from all parts of the United States have enjoyed and benefited from the content of the magazine each month.

  • AutoDealer Monthly

    AutoDealer Monthly

    Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine is Your Daily Operations Magazine, educating the retail automotive industry on Internet retailing, special finance, automotive ...

  • Lotlinx


    It’s a simple idea. When you get your inventory closer to shoppers, you sell more cars—faster.

  • vAuto


    vAuto helps today's leading dealers run better than the competition. With a live market view and powerful inventory management tools, vAuto is the software, the people and the vision you need to achieve record success in any market.

  • VinSolutons


    Expand your possibilities with VinSolutions where we offer the industry's most advanced and effective suite of products ranging from Automotive CRM, Automotive ILM and Automotive BDC to car dealer websites, auto service and dealer training. You deserve the best. We can give it to you. With VinSolutions, our suite of products spans the scope of your auto dealership’s needs. Whether you own a single store, or command a multi-rooftop operation, MotoSnap™ Automotive CRM is the perfect software solution. A proven trendsetter in on-demand automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Internet Lead Management (ILM) and Inventory Control Systems, VinSolutions’ Development Team continuously advances software technology through leading-edge innovations. Our fully-integrated Business Development Center (BDC) and Dealership Desking Modules round out our complement of dealership Internet software solutions.

  • Duffrey Petrosky

    Duffrey Petrosky

    With decades of combined national and international experience helping OEMs with every facet of their businesses, along with dealer and retail group expertise, F&I, S&P and CPOV marketing prowess, and on-the-ground experience with aftermarket manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, Duffey Petrosky is a go-to agency resource in the automotive realm. The benefit to our clients is deep, practical knowledge of their challenges and opportunities and the proven ability to produce measurable results at every step in the automotive marketing process.

  • Intermark Automotive

    Intermark Automotive

    Intermark Automotive is an advertising agency that works with automotive dealers from all over the country. As a matter of fact, we’re not just another ad agency; we’re an automotive ad agency with over three decades of experience. From individual dealerships to mega dealers with multiple brands to large regional automotive groups, the automotive advertising business is our only business and our one true passion.

  • For over 20 years, franchised auto dealerships from coast to coast have turned to BIGgross automotive advertising agency for fast, simple and turnkey automotive advertising and marketing solutions to build traffic, customer satisfaction and consistent increases in high-grossing unit sales. BIGgross has been able to consistently lead the market in effective merchandising and automotive dealership management services by researching, forecasting and then capitalizing on emerging auto advertising trends.

  • Tacito Direct

    Tacito Direct

    Tacito Direct is a national, direct-marketing agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We work with over 3000 active clients, primarily within the automotive industry. We provide these clients with a wide range of integrated advertising and direct-response programs and a full array of marketing services to help them sell their products.

  • Dealer Online Marketing

    Dealer Online Marketing

    With multiple touch points daily for every medium, we ensure your message is consistent. By using DOM for your automotive marketing, you can rely on us to make sure your traditional message matches with your digital campaigns, paid search and blasts. We are your business-building partners, and through our consulting and campaign execution, our team is able to monitor, manage and report back with real-time reporting. DOM allows for one call to handle all of your automotive advertising needs.

  • Moran Group

    Moran Group

    The Moran Group is an eclectic bunch of advertising professionals passionate about the automotive world. For 30 years, as a fully integrated automotive ad agency, we have partnered with automotive clients to make local, regional & national leaders.

  • Diesel Automotive Advertising

    Diesel Automotive Advertising

    Diesel fuel drives America. It does the hard work that moves the country forward. And for this reason, we chose Diesel as our moniker. The fuel exemplifies who we are and what we do. We're not some flashy agency that burns out after one high concept campaign. We focus on the long haul delivering consistent messaging from day to day, from month to month, from year to year with campaigns that generate traffic, re-enforce brand identity, and maximize our clients ROI.

  • Dealer HD

    Dealer HD

    Dealer HD is an advertising agency specializing in car dealer websites and automotive online marketing. Our team of automotive-focused digital experts is committed to providing digital marketing and consulting services with unparalleled customer service and support.

  • CRG Auto

    CRG Auto

    As a Full-Service Automotive Advertising and Automotive Marketing Agency, CRG Auto can provide for and manage all your advertising and marketing needs. That’s right – CRG Auto can provide for and manage everything listed above, and more, so that you can focus on one thing… Selling More Cars.

  • Tier10 is an award-winning advertising agency headquartered in the Washington D.C. area with offices in New York City and Miami. Tier10 specializes in the automotive vertical and has developed industry-leading strategies for select global brands, musicians, athletes and feature films

  • We all know that there is huge and tough competition in the automotive industry and Dallas being a huge state of the US has a lot such dealers. It has long seceded the others in the same industry. It dominates the other states in sales and maintaining a standard of its cars and customers. Despite this there is a huge need for automotive advertising in Dallas. It being among the largest states for car deals it for sure needs good promotions.

  • Pinnacle Advertising & Marketing

    Pinnacle Advertising & Marketing

    Of course we help companies build their business through planning, providing objectives and developing strategies; all of which lead to effective creative executions… blah blah blah. The same thing all advertising agencies try to do. But not all ad agencies are created equal. Not all businesses are either. Every day there are new ways to connect with people. And we’ll help you turn those people into future customers. By mixing traditional and non-traditional forms of advertising, along with being digitally proficient, we’ve come up with a top-secret formula (how’s that for creative) that works extremely well for our clients – over 100 and counting. At Pinnacle, we’ll help you stay not just one-step ahead, but a few giant leaps ahead of your competition.

  • The Montalbano Group

    The Montalbano Group

    For nearly 30 years, we at The Montalbano Group, have dedicated our talent and skill to help individual dealers, mega-dealers and dealer groups in the auto industry maximize their advertising dollar. We provide our clients with custom advertising strategies that provide optimum short and long-term results. We believe the car business is a marathon, not a sprint. Progressively increasing market share has always been the byproduct of sound and effective marketing programs and this is what we strive for every single day.

  • Man Marketing

    Man Marketing

    We started out in 1980, convinced that in an ever-growing advertising world it was required to add on target strategy to the creative, marketing and communications equation. In the last couple of years we added the technology component making us a power house in traditional and digital marketing. Our relentless passion for discovering how people interact, learn, consume, and build their dreams and needs supported by a digital world for each product or service are the starting points from which we create and maximize contact points for brands to develop more solid, profitable and lasting relationships throughout the years.

  • The Automotive Advertising Agency

    The Automotive Advertising Agency

    The Automotive Advertising Agency is a multi-cultural, full-service, creative advertising agency specializing in the automotive industry. Our team has worked with over 100 tier 3 and tier 2 clients. We understand the importance of moving metal. Utilizing powerful research tools including Polk and Cross-Sell, we analyze and evaluate your market landscape, then determine where share acquisition opportunities can be exploited through a conquest sales strategy allowing you to increase your absorption. Once we identify the particular market growth opportunities for your dealership or LMA, we develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that is designed to help you sell your inventory.

  • Automotive Consulting Company

    Automotive Consulting Company

    As you probably know, direct mail is the best way to increase your sales and profit, and you will find that ACC is "Your Direct Mail Source" for all your automotive direct mail and promotional needs. We offer direct mail, promotional gifts, premium giveaways, prize insurance, staffed events, and more.

  • Force Marketing

    Force Marketing

    Force Marketing provides creatively aligned multi-channel marketing campaigns that help generate qualified traffic to automotive dealerships. Force Marketing’s targeted direct mail and digital marketing campaigns yield record breaking sales and service results to our clients every month. Our proprietary Forcetelligence data aggregation tool collects data from over 600 sources allowing us to access over 250 million consumer vehicle ownership, credit score and online buyer behavior records with the click of a button.

  • To understand & create an effective "message", one must understand the foundations of advertising decisions - data. We use a data driven model coupled with great creative to create lasting impressions and increased conversions.

  • MSA Advertising

    MSA Advertising

    We are laser focused on using relevant and engaging messages to convert online shoppers into showroom opportunities. With more than three decades of experience, we have developed proven strategies to provide the results you expect.

  • Agency 720

    Agency 720

    Agency 720 is not only Chevy’s turnkey agency of record, we are a full service agency able to create custom advertising to meet each dealer group’s specific needs. Staffed with experts in production, creative, account management, and a national network of retail field marketing strategists. Servicing 139 LMAs and counting, we’re ready to get working on your next big thing. Our staff has the hardest-working ears in the business. And we use our national network as a listening device. When you speak, we hear expectations. From budget to timing to results. At Agency 720, overachieving is not an option. It’s our standard. Take a look at our highlight reel to get a feel for what we do.

  • Carrera Advertising

    Carrera Advertising

    Carrera Advertising is a results driven, full-service, automotive advertising agency. With over 15 years of automotive marketing experience and over 100 automotive clients nationwide, we at Carrera have a proven track record of success as being one of the top automotive advertising agencies in the country.

  • Omnibus Advertising

    Omnibus Advertising

    Welcome to the Automotive Division of Omnibus Advertising. Let us accelerate your auto dealership business. We can increase your traffic and long term revenue. The Automotive industry is constantly evolving and changing. This can also be said in which the way people shop for cars. More and more potential customers are looking to the internet when buying a car. Omnibus is your one stop shop when looking for an automotive advertising agency.

  • Strong Automotive

    Strong Automotive

    When you are looking for a partner to help increase sales, you look for someone with experience. You look for someone that has a process and a plan. You look for someone that knows how to create a comprehensive, custom campaign that will increase your traffic today! We are Strong Automotive Merchandising. We are more than an agency. We are experts in automotive merchandising. Our job is to create Next Day Traffic™ for you, and give you more opportunities today, than you had yesterday.

  • McCarthy Companies

    McCarthy Companies

    The McCarthy Companies is a full-service advertising agency that was founded in 1994 by Timothy J. McCarthy. With 20+ years of experience under our belts, we pride ourselves in offering all of the following: unparalleled media direction and execution (including traditional and digital); a fully equipped, cutting-edge production company; and tenured market-leading professionals who execute total market plans and research.

  • AdAgencyOnline.Net is a network of networkers who agree that a rising tide floats all boats … and these auto industry insiders are all aboard. After all, what are friends for! A network of senior level automotive advertising professionals and vendor partners with experience at some of the largest Automotive Advertising Agencies and most profitable Automobile Dealerships in the country. We provide go to market strategies and business plans for auto industry focused vendors as well as turnkey solutions for auto dealers seeking to improve their sales processes and maximize the R.O.I. on their advertising investments. We specialize in integrating real world processes with technology driven vendor applications. Our independent affiliated Vendor Partners and Advertising Agencies rely on us as “The Ultimate Outsourcing Tool” providing best in class solutions to accelerate time to market, develop barriers to entry for the competition, insure market dominance and maximize profits.

  • Propulsion Media Labs

    Propulsion Media Labs

    Now available: the PML II from Propulsion Media Labs, with all the options you’d expect from a five-star production dealer to kick your next television or radio commercial into high gear. We’ve even installed a new turbo because we know you need that spot yesterday!

  • Dealer.com


    Great companies start with an idea and an inspiration. Our idea was to make the car buying process better, faster and simpler. And our inspiration was technology. In 1998 that spark led Mark Bonfigli, Rick Gibbs, Mike Lane, Jamie LaScolea and Ryan Dunn to found Dealer.com and begin redefining the expectations of the auto industry. By bringing a full suite of digital marketing tools to OEMs and dealers, coupled with direct consultation to make those tools work harder for customers, we helped to change the digital face of the industry. But we didn’t just focus on the world outside – we looked inward, to see how we could create a work environment that was unlike any other – where the desire to be creative, innovative, healthy, expressive and fun were nurtured and appreciated at a whole new level. It was the collective fostering of these missions that made Dealer.com what it is today: an 800-person strong company with bi-coastal offices serving 40 percent of the auto industry’s marketing needs; all made possible through a culture rich in openness, wellness, development, community engagement, and individuality.

  • Grant Cardone

    Grant Cardone

    Grant Cardone is an international business and sales expert. He has authored 4 business books and customized sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. Cardone, a dynamic, highly sought after international speaker, captivates audiences with his down-to-earth, entertaining speaking style as he tackles timely topics regarding sales, marketing, branding and entrepreneurship, outlining what people need to do to thrive in the new global economy.

  • Shooting Star Post

    Shooting Star Post

    Since 1987, Tampa Bay area clients, advertising agency’s and producers have relied upon Shooting Stars Post to provide a full range of creative content, digital video production, animation, multimedia and web enhancement services. Our track record speaks for itself, producing exceptional videos for corporate media departments, agency’s, automotive dealerships, TV shows and video for the web.

  • Zimmerman Advertising

    Zimmerman Advertising

    Zimmerman, an Omnicom Group company, is the leading national retail brand builder with more than 1100 associates and offices throughout the country. It started as an idea. To do things differently. To relentlessly pursue our clients’ goals. To change the way advertising was created and measured. Some called us crazy. Many called us rebels. We called it evolution. And now, the evolution of advertising continues. Welcome to the home of the next generation of advertising. The home where integration is woven through the very fabric of everything we do. Where ideas don’t just build brands, they build sales. And where outcome outshines all else. Are you ready?

  • Poratz


    Potratz is a digital automotive advertising agency that works with auto dealers in integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing. Potratz develops marketing campaigns that are consistent across all media platforms and have lasting effect which in turn reduces advertising waste and increases brand awareness. If you work for an automotive dealership and if you have several different messages across the multiple advertising platforms you utilize then we should talk. If you feel like you are being left behind in digital and behavioral marketing then we should talk.

  • Engelhardt & Partners

    Engelhardt & Partners

    Creative minds. Strategists. Problem solvers. The kind of experienced professionals who can come up with a great idea and get it executed in the same day. We throw around words like efficient, talented, expert and unique. That’s us. That’s what we’re about.

  • Silverback Advertising

    Silverback Advertising

    SilverBack Advertising is a full-service automotive advertising agency providing the experience, resources and sophistication clients want along with the flexibility and accountability clients need.

  • Dynamedia of America

    Dynamedia of America

    As a premier Florida advertising agency based in Tampa, DynaMedia of America is a full-service advertising firm offering services locally, regionally, and throughout the United States. A results-oriented company, DynaMedia of America is one of the leading ad agencies in Florida, offering a broad range of services, including media planning, TV production, radio, billboard, creative, public relations, Hispanic marketing, as well as DynaDigital internet marketing services, a full-service digital company with the internet expertise to grow your business.

  • Omni Advertising

    Omni Advertising

    There are many goals, but only one formula guaranteed to take you to the top. Omni doesn’t just have the formula for your success, we created it. Hand over your goals to us and we’ll make them bigger. Let us hear about the results you want to achieve, and we’ll get them faster. Partner with Omni and become the massive success everyone can’t stop talking about.

  • MJS Advertising

    MJS Advertising

    We are a full service Automotive Advertising Agency founded on the principle that fresh, imaginative concepts are as essential to your success as shrewd, targeted planning.

  • Stream Companies

    Stream Companies

    Automotive advertising is a breed of its own. The majority of dealers’ second or third biggest expenditure is their advertising investment. Owners and managers all have input when it comes to advertising so it’s important that you have an agency that understands the auto industry. In this day and age, an advertising agency must have all capabilities under one roof in order to launch, manage and evaluate dealers advertising campaigns. From creative to media placement to digital, each is important to the overall effectiveness and success of a campaign.

  • CBC Advertising

    CBC Advertising

    Looking to stay ahead of the curve with your dealership’s digital marketing presence? No agency is better prepared to help you with a complete automotive digital marketing package than CBC Advertising. From our proprietary dealership website platform, Overdrive, to an entire suite of automotive digital advertising and branding services, no matter what your dealership needs CBC has a cost-effective solution.

  • Creative Car Ads

    Creative Car Ads

    We are an automotive advertising agency located at the crossroads of the new south. Located in Greenville, SC between Atlanta and Charlotte, Creative Car Ads works with local and multipoint car dealerships, regional automotive car groups, as well as advertising agencies not specialized in automobile ads, automotive advertising, and or marketing.

  • Miller Ad Agency

    Miller Ad Agency

    For more than 30 years, Miller Ad Agency has earned a reputation as experts in automotive advertising. We use our unique approach to marketing and advertising to bring you the results you’re looking for. From boosting your bottom line to growing your market share, Miller Ad Agency brings results. If you’re ready for the success that comes with effective, results-driven advertising, then discover for yourself how we can take your dealership to the next level.

  • Fitz­patrick Adver­tis­ing

    Fitz­patrick Adver­tis­ing

    Fitz­patrick Adver­tis­ing is a full-service adver­tis­ing agency that spe­cial­izes in cre­at­ing cutting-edge mul­ti­me­dia cam­paigns designed to help clients suc­ceed in today’s chang­ing adver­tis­ing space.

  • AutoAd


    AutoAd is a full service automotive advertising agency committed to helping your dealership drive new leads and reignite your sales momentum! From our innovative, industry leading infomercials, television and radio spots to digital advertising and SEO, we have the auto advertising expertise to drive you down the road to prosperity.

  • Sokal Media Group

    Sokal Media Group

    Our services are designed to articulate the value of our client’s products and services with a dynamic magnetism that reaches the most consumers possible. Innovation drives us as we interlace our right brain logistics with our left brain ingenuity.

  • Moore and Scarry

    Moore and Scarry

    Founded in 2001, Moore & Scarry Advertising has grown to become the largest agency in Southwest Florida. Boasting 21 Telly awards and multiple ADDYs, our full-service advertising and audiovisual production capabilities are industry proven. With over 70 full-time employees and offices in Florida and Colorado, our clients enjoy local support with national impact.

  • PCG Digital Marketing

    PCG Digital Marketing

    PCG Digital Marketing offers a variety of a la carte digital marketing services. As a boutique agency, we don’t offer a one size fits all approach; you can choose the services you need to customize your package.

  • PCG Consulting

    PCG Consulting

    PCG Consulting is an industry-leading automotive lead handling, BDC training and digital consulting firm that helps you build a smarter dealership. Our philosophy is simple: Help car dealers become more efficient and profitable through staff training, process development and data analysis.

  • JKR Advertising

    JKR Advertising

    WE MOVE CARS. And mountains, for over 110 dealerships nationwide. JKR is one of the top automotive-only ad agencies in the country. We live or die by the numbers and we’re thriving because the overwhelming majority of our clients outperform their peers, markets, and competitors. From individual dealerships to multi-brand, multi-point groups, our vast experience, knowledge and dedicated focus can increase your market share, traffic and ultimately sales.

  • Mudd Advertising

    Mudd Advertising

    As a full-service agency, Mudd Advertising creates all kinds of automotive advertising – from traditional TV and radio spots to digital display ads and video-powered conversion pages. All of Mudd's ads share one thing in common – they are designed to get our clients immediate results.

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